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Thank you for your support and generosity

ChezRachel would like to extend our appreciation for the individuals and organizations that have donated their time, goods, or money to our cause. Your support allows us to provide better service to the women and children we serve and for that we are grateful.

In-kind donations of clothes, and other supplies are key to our success in providing safe housing, workshops and programs to our clients. Please contact us if you want to donate. We are grateful for your support as we help families begin their new safe lives. Below are listed some of the items that we are in need of:

Wish List

Household Items

  • comforters and sheets (any size)
  • pillows
  • pots and pans
  • towels and face cloths
  • small household appliances (coffee makers, toasters, microwaves etc)
  • household items (brooms, dustpans, mops, pails, cleaning supplies etc)
  • toiletry

Personal Car Kits & Home Kits

  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Toothbrush
  • Deodorant
  • Bar soap or body wash
  • Kleenex pack
  • Toothpaste
  • Lotion disposable razor
  • Towels

Other Items

  • Food
  • New or used clothes of women and children
  • Shoes, accessories and other items for women and children

Financial Support

ChezRachel appreciates your financial contribution and kindness. Charitable tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more. To make an online donation, please click on the “Donate Now” box on the right.

We provide stable housing and support services to women and children to break the cycle of violence. We serve families who are in direct need of support. Everyone deserve a better life and safe place to live, before working on their personal issues.

Your monetary donation help cover the cost of the basic need of the women and their children: shelter, food, clothing, security etc. You also sponsor the cost of programs (see services tab) and services that help residents gain skills, confidence and developed healthy relationships to live freely and independently in our community

Othe monetary gifts – Gift in memory and in honour

You can give a gift in the honour of special occasions (Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary etc.) or in memory of love ones: Gift in someone’s memory is a special way to honour someone who is no longer with us, and at the same time helping needy families. It is a positive way to help and remember a family member or a friend.

You can customize and individualize the message (birthday or wedding greetings) and we will send an e-mail or card by mail as you will direct us and a tax receipt..

Donations by will, Life insurance policy gifts, RRSP or RRIF donations

Volunteer your time

There are several ways you can donate your time. We are always looking for volunteers for inside and outside work. Please volunteer and make a difference in the world. For more information on how to volunteer with our organization please contact us at 204-925-2550 or link (get involved)
Benefits of giving your time

Benefits of giving your time

  • Being exposed to a work environment

  • Good transition between school life and the life of employment

  • Acquisition of new work skills and knowledge of work in an office setting:  dealing with different people, customer service, conflict resolution, interaction with clients, team work, the development of a critical approach to problems, and initiative and leadership
  • The development of a feeling of contribution and belonging

  • Work experience to be added to a résumé

  • Can be a professional reference

  • Possibility of establishing a networking system

  • Helps to make a career choice

  • Experience in working with different types and ages of persons (children and adults)
  • Make the difference in someone’s life

You can also donate to our endowment fund established since 2013 call for more information


Upcoming events summer & fall 2017

  • Hotdogs & hamburger sale coming
  • Official launch of our new website
  • Shoppers Drug Mart: Women’s Health Initiatives through Growing Women’s Health Campaign

Past events

  • Breakfast (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
  • Social 2014, 2015
  • Hot dogs and Hamburger: with M&M May 2015
  • Golf tournament 2008, 2009, 2010,2011
  • Christmas: Adopt a Family: since 2009 –

“Adopt a Family” program, established since 2009, provides an opportunity for people in the community, families and businesses to adopt a family for Christmas by providing food and gifts.

A part of the hampers and gifts that we received is used as follow:

  • For the food bank that we have at ChezRachel for residents. Since the vast majority of women are on social assistance, this enables them often to supplement their incomes.
  • Excess gifts allow us to organize our birthday parties, special occasions (Mother’s Day, Valentine‘s Day …).
  • In addition, we help throughout the year some families who have already used our services and have low income.

We believe at ChezRachel that extended follow up services and / or ongoing support for women who have used our services are the keys to a high success rate to break the cycle of violence. Therefore, we’re trying one way or another to keep in touch with our former clients and their children. The holiday season is a good time to reconnect with them and support them especially in a practical way.

Indeed what you give during the Christmas period is more than just Christmas hampers. Your donations are used all year around. Your support and action touch us greatly, and it is with much emotion that we send you our sincere thanks. Thank you for allowing us to do our job easier. Your gesture is much appreciated.

We thank all of those who helped make 2016 holiday season a special one for the families at ChezRachel

Grosvenor School
Donna Sarna Physiothérapie et réadaptation
La Ligue des femmes catholiques: Ste-Bernadette
Edgar Freynet & Amies
Service Canada
Syndicat de l’emploi et de l’immigration du Canada: Comité des Femmes du MB

Shopper Drug Mart: Dominion Center
Librairie à la page
Projet ShoeBox: chapitre MB
Blanketing Manitoba
Et de nombreux donateurs privés

We will like to thank our donors for their ongoing support

Corporation Catholique
Shoppers Drug Mart
Thomas Sill Foundation

Birth Buddies Inc.





And numerous Private Donors