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The winter holidays are just around the corner. This joyous time is often difficult for the women and children who live at ChezRachel. You can help mothers and children enjoy the magic of the holidays. Your generous donation will help mothers receive a special present and surprise their children with holiday gifts.

You can make a donation via”Make a donation” or by cheque at our address:

P.O. Box 183 Winnipeg, MB R2H 3B4

Promoting Healthy Relationships

Building Strong Families

ChezRachel provides safe and accessible services, a secure/protective home, counselling and legal support. We bring hope for a better future. We offer various programs for women and children that are designed to help them develop the skills, abilities, and confidence necesarry to live independently.

Our Objectives

  • Provide safe housing
  • Provide a stable, violence-free environment where women can acquire the tools needed for a new start
  • Help our residents adopt a violence-free lifestyle,
  • Help residents break the cycle of violence
  • Support positive parenting approaches
  • Counsel children who have been witnesses to or have been victims of domestic violence 
  • Build awareness within the community about the issues of domestic violence


We provide 

  • Safe housing for women and their children
  • A range of accessible and quality support services
  • Tools to end the cycle of violence and promote family harmony



Aiming and working towards a safe and healthy community for all.

For almost 30 years, we have been working with women and their children to allow them to look to their future with confidence. Their testimonies allow us to measure the impact of our services and inspire us to work for family harmony.

Our Story

In 1984, Réseau action femmes, a Franco-Manitoban women’s advocacy group, launched an initiative to create a shelter for women affected by domestic violence. After nine years of dedicated work and thanks to funding from federal and provincial governments, the Winnipeg Foundation, Francofonds and the community, the shelter was inaugurated in April 1993. While l’Entre-temps is part of a network of four second-stage shelters in Manitoba, it is the only one whose mandate is to provide bilingual services and to serve the French-speaking community. This bilingual shelter is unique in Western Canada. Our experience with clients from different cultures allows us today to extend our welcome to women from diverse and multilingual backgrounds.

During the year of 2017, l’Entre-temps des Franco-Manitobaines launched a process of evaluation and strategic planning. One aspect of this process was to change our name. After much research and consultation, we chose the name ChezRachel in memory of Rachel Massicotte, for her work as a pioneer in the creation of the organization and also a former Executive Director. Rachel passed away suddenly in September 25, 2006 at the age of 53 while she was still Executive Director of the organization. (published in the Winnipeg Free Press on Sep 28, 2006)