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Safety, support, independence

The following values are commonly accepted as part of a healthy relationship

regardless of culture, heritage, religion or education :


Showing respect for others


Being truthful with yourself and others


Having the same rights as others


Being responsible for your own actions


Being fair to others


Showing care and understanding for others


Showing loyalty to others


being able to control your actions
The word relationship applies to a relationship between two partners, a relationship between family members, a relationship of trust or a relationship of dependency.

Individuals who enjoy a healthy relationship sometimes feel the other person has ignored some of their needs or has not respected some of their rights. In a good relationship, this does not happen very often. When things go wrong, the people involved talk to each other and find solutions to the problem. In an unhealthy relationship, there is often lack of respect and the people involved cannot find a solution to the problem

NB : From the Booklet: What is a good relationship? (L’Association des Femmes Acadiennes et Francohones de l’I.-P.-E.)

Refer to the link below for more detail

REF: http://lapicasse.ca/media_uploads/pdf/1690.pdf

The qualities of a healthy relationship:

Everyone deserves to be loved

Loves me…

• Makes me feel safe
• Makes me feel comfortable
• Listens to me
• Values my opinions
• Supports my goals
• Admits to being wrong
• Respects me
• Is truthful with me
• Always tries to understand how I feel
• Likes that I have other friends
• Makes me laugh
• Trusts me
• Treats me as an equal
• Respects my family
• Understand my need for time alone or with family
• Accepts me as I am

Loves me not…

• Makes feel afraid
• Is possessive
• Is always “checking up” on me
• Is sexually demanding
• Teases, bullies and puts me down
• Gets violent, loses temper quickly
• Tries to control me
• Keeps me from seeing my friend and my family
• Makes all the decisions
• Hits me
• Takes my money and other things
• Always blames me
• Threatens to leave me if I don’t do what I’m told

Help lines and other online ressources:

If you recognize these Warning signs, you or someone you know may be victim of abuse. You are not alone, Call for help now.

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